Monday, August 24, 2015

Who even likes the Kardashians?

I hate to write something like this, because it seems like such a cliche. Honestly, I haven't met many people who like the Kardashians. True, many of them are sexist in their reasoning. 

But, to tell the truth? I'm tired of hearing about them. It almost seems like every media outlet is on their payroll. We hear about who stepped outside and who went to the store and who broke up with who but regrets the breakup and who is pregnant but isn't actually...

And no one cares. But it's odd, because aren't these companies supposed to be giving us what we want? Don't even try to tell me that people want to hear all of this stuff. Even people who didn't mind the Kardashians (me) are getting fed up. 

So, do we hear about their daily lives because they don't have any talent? I hate to be that person, but it's not like they have movies or albums or anything coming out. The product that they're trying to sell is themselves. 

I think that they call the paparazzi and are handing out money to people to talk about them. For a while I've thought this. In one of my favorite documentaries, Miss Representation, one of the ladies says that the media doesn't show us what we want to see. They show us what the big media companies want to see. 

The Kardashians aren't really want anyone want to see. I know that some people have said that we hate them because of sexism, and that's partially true. Lots of people call them whores and everything, but I couldn't care any less about how much skin they show or who they have sex with.

I'm tired of watching them appropriate other cultures, for one. They mostly appropriate black culture, with the big lips that they draw on and their weird plastic surgery and the way that they act. But sometimes they do the same to other cultures, too. 

I'm tired of hearing every single thing that they do. Usually, I admire celebrities because of their talent. Sometimes their beauty and the way that they carry themselves (Lupita Nyong'o, anyone?). But I'm tired of the Kardashians, I really am. 

It's weird for me to say it out loud, because I don't want to be clumped together with the people who hate them because they decide to pose nude. To put it bluntly, even celebrities with talent don't get as much attention as them. 

If you stopped reporting about them, I'm sure that no one would care. 



  1. lol. Get used to packaging. I Have always hated it too. I hate that original talent doesn't get promotion and exposure. They have a good article in the Atlantic this month about five songwriters who dominate the market.

    Add a follower gadget. I would enjoy reading your posts.