Alright, here's the situation...

Alright, I started this blog because other people made me. 
(Well, I also started it because I wanted to do it.)
I'm probably going to write about things that bother me. After all, those are the best things to write about. 
But a lot of what bothers me is media stuff. So this is how it'll work. 

I don't write real reviews. Meaning that I basically watch movies, TV, and read books and will only write about whether or not they are problematic. That's going along with my actual theme, I suppose. 

Squad Goals: 
These are basically all of the people I wish I could hang out with, for those of you who don't understand slang. I'll probably write a lot of these, seeing as there are many people I love (without having met.) 

Even though you didn't ask: 
I like to rant. Very much. So I'll probably just rant about random things. 

Link policy:
I usually don't link to "sources" here, mostly because it's a blog and I want to have fun, but also because I describe most things in detail that basically only needs to be Googled if you want proof. If you don't think that I'm credible, awesome. But I'm not going to post a link to someone else's words just so that you will take me seriously.

There's a technical term for this blog: probably entertainment/lifestyle or something. But I don't really care about being technical. At least, not here. 

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