Friday, August 28, 2015

i don't care about your post baby body (and neither does anyone else

Okay, so I know that modern day media is obsessed with how women look. Everything about their bodies is critiqued - their faces and the makeup that they use, their thighs, their stomach, etc. For some reason, this doesn't let up when women are pregnant. 

Like, I think that being pregnant is a big deal. It must suck. You are carrying something gigantic in your stomach, and it's stretching in ways that it's not used to. Your feel swell, your head hurts, you get hungry...and then you have to push the thing out, as if that weren't enough.

But then the suffering doesn't end, because then all eyes are on the post baby body. I don't care. I don't even think that other women care to see what someone looks like after they've given birth. They just had a baby. Who cares about their weight?

Don't even get me started on people reporting on how much weight someone has gained during pregnancy. For some reason, this natural process is horrible? And women should feel ashamed? I don't understand any of it, honestly, and it actually makes me angry.

So angry that I was actually defending Kim Kardashian. Like, why do people care how much weight she has gained while carrying a fetus?

Goodness. I'm telling you, the media really pushes stuff that we don't care about. I will continue to tell all sorts of people that, whoever will listen.

Camryn Garrett

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